Last trip to Europe as a citizen

So, off to Amsterdam with bodies, lenses and a new Ultimate Lens Hood and a suction cap based window mount for night based cityscape pictures. I’ve mapped out about a dozen locations, some of them brutal, some not. There will be at least an afternoon spent around the Eye Film Museum which I think might be my favourite building on the entire planet.

Also considering a day out to Rotterdam as well to look at some of the really severe architecture there.

I should also mention that I’m sad and angry about the UK departure from the EU and this has had a huge influence on my decision to come here, now. I’ll be abroad as we leave and there’s a large part of me that wants to find a way to stay, as feel that England is leaving me, not the other way around.

Christmas inspirations…

Got a beautiful Barbican Towers poster from the family, they found it on – lots of good stuff there. Also got a couple of books, Soviet Ghosts; about decaying relics of the Soviet era and another called CCCP: Cosmic Communist Constructions Photographed; really good selection of buildings built during the Soviet era, right across the empire and the way they adapted the centralised ethos to the local style. The ones built as the central influence waned are fascinating.