How & Why

How? In a freak clubland accident in the early 90s, after an accidental overexposure to incredibly loud music, I found I had the power to… oh, not that kind of story… First SLR aged 15, A Zenit E, first decks and a Realistic mixer aged 21. Now? A Canon DSLR and a Pioneer XDJ-RX with more audio files than I know what to do with. Somewhere along the way, I got a degree that involved some training in watching and listening to people.

Why? I like to share the things that make me feel. It’s that simple, DJing allows me to convey the joy and hope that house music can bring. When what I’m playing is in harmony with the way others feel, the place lights up. Similarly with photography, when I see a building that moves me, I try to take a picture that conveys the feeling so that others share it.

It’s a human thing.

Geoff Dunham


Fervently anti-brexit and pro-Europe

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