London (so far)

Its going to take me quite a while to get around everywhere I need to go in London. What I have so far was taken while on a march in March ’19. Five pictures taken on the route itself then the rest taken at the South Bank, of the National Theatre and surrounding buildings. This was my first go with the Canon 6D and EF24-105mm f/4 L lens combo.

I’m compiling a map of sites to visit, 37 sites so far, some of them are clustered nicely (thank you Thamesmead) but most not.

Patterns in masonry
National Theatre, London
Balconies like steps
IBM stairs

Tower #2

Brutally imposing, the tower is 314m tall – 170m to the observation deck. There’s a lift but you have to pay extra to use the stairs. It has got bullet holes at the base (from the 1991 revolution) and the concrete should withstand more than three hundred freeze/thaw cycles. The picture shows the seams of the 2.5m tall rings that were poured as a sliding mold moved up. From the deck, I could see the Gulf of Finland easily and got some good shots of Tallinn. Well worth a visit.

Christmas inspirations…

Got a beautiful Barbican Towers poster from the family, they found it on – lots of good stuff there. Also got a couple of books, Soviet Ghosts; about decaying relics of the Soviet era and another called CCCP: Cosmic Communist Constructions Photographed; really good selection of buildings built during the Soviet era, right across the empire and the way they adapted the centralised ethos to the local style. The ones built as the central influence waned are fascinating.