Last trip to Europe as a citizen

So, off to Amsterdam with bodies, lenses and a new Ultimate Lens Hood and a suction cap based window mount for night based cityscape pictures. I’ve mapped out about a dozen locations, some of them brutal, some not. There will be at least an afternoon spent around the Eye Film Museum which I think might be my favourite building on the entire planet.

Also considering a day out to Rotterdam as well to look at some of the really severe architecture there.

I should also mention that I’m sad and angry about the UK departure from the EU and this has had a huge influence on my decision to come here, now. I’ll be abroad as we leave and there’s a large part of me that wants to find a way to stay, as feel that England is leaving me, not the other way around.


I freely admit I knew almost nothing about Estonia when I decided to visit. Geography is something that has always interested me but all I knew was that the capital is Tallinn and that it had been a part of the USSR. There was an element of surprise when I saw how far north it was. Recognising the need for a bit less ignorance, I got a couple of books that helped:

Wallpaper* City Guide Tallinn gave me an deeper look at the cultural and artistic aspects of the city while the Bradt guide provided more practical advice.