M52 and long exposure

As I try to learn more about using my kit, experimenting with narrow apertures and low ISO settings means long exposures. Riding the M52 metro line in Amsterdam presented a lot of opportunities. As I’d not brought a tripod with me, I had to find bits of infrastructure to brace the camera as I took exposures of up to 30 seconds. Luckily, each platform had plenty.
The trains on these lines appear to be equipped with LED lights at the front and on the sides, perhaps the frequency of the lights is responsible for the staggering effect in the orange streak.

Long exposure of LEDs

Looking up at the HvA

The Hogeschool van Amsterdam squats in the Amsteldorp district. I found out about it at the sosbrutalism site, where you can find further details. They say this was designed by Piet Zanstra and was originally the Office Building “Leeuwenburg”. Two recessing blocks of fifteen floors. A lower section at the rear of the block comprises four stepped terraces and is elevated by means of columns of various height. There are eight tubular ventilator shafts of steel which have been sculpturally arranged as to resemble a flower, pictured in other photos in the gallery.