Lennusadam Seaplane Harbour

These concrete domes were built in the early 20th century and were, at the time, the largest in the world. They have stained and coloured with age in a way unlike any others concrete I’ve seen.

The Linnahall

Gutted I couldn’t get in although when I visited, there was someone there. The exterior hides a remarkable interior, the photo essay at https://failedarchitecture.com/photo-essay-how-long-is-the-life-of-a-building-tallinns-linnahall/ shows it off well.

Maarjamäe Memorial

Immediately adjacent to the memorial featured in yesterday’s post is this. Built during the Soviet occupation to commemorate the Russian and Estonian soldiers that died in World War II, as well as the sailors in two warships. The crosses were added later as a memorial to the fallen Germans. My understanding that the decision to site the soviet memorial here was another example of the cultural imperialism typical of the USSR in that it was built directly on top of an earlier, Estonian, commemorative site.

Tower #2

Brutally imposing, the tower is 314m tall – 170m to the observation deck. There’s a lift but you have to pay extra to use the stairs. It has got bullet holes at the base (from the 1991 revolution) and the concrete should withstand more than three hundred freeze/thaw cycles. The picture shows the seams of the 2.5m tall rings that were poured as a sliding mold moved up. From the deck, I could see the Gulf of Finland easily and got some good shots of Tallinn. Well worth a visit.

Looking up at the HvA

The Hogeschool van Amsterdam squats in the Amsteldorp district. I found out about it at the sosbrutalism site, where you can find further details. They say this was designed by Piet Zanstra and was originally the Office Building “Leeuwenburg”. Two recessing blocks of fifteen floors. A lower section at the rear of the block comprises four stepped terraces and is elevated by means of columns of various height. There are eight tubular ventilator shafts of steel which have been sculpturally arranged as to resemble a flower, pictured in other photos in the gallery.